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Newlife Expo – Broward Convention Center  -October 14-15, 2017

Florida  – Fort Lauderdale

Gail Speaking

Gail Speaking at the EXPO



Lecture Saturday 12pm room 1E

Beginner to Advanced. Usui and Tibetan Reiki. Learn advanced Reiki healing techniques. Each will receive two personal Attunements both Reiki & psychic opening, Usui and Tibetan. Those who have not taken Reiki will receive their Certification plus more advanced techniques that those already practicing will love. Psychic surgery, spiritual surgery, cutting chords & more. Open your psychic senses, learn hands on healing and how to affect someone’s energy. Those of you that have not yet done Reiki will receive your Reiki Level I certification as part of the course. Those of you who are already Reiki healers will open up your psychic awareness to a much stronger connection to spirit and will receive a higher level attunement. Gail Thackray is a Reiki Master only seven generations from the Grand Master, Dr. Usui in Japan. Gail is also a world renowned psychic medium with a strong connection to the spirit world. Gail was not born a medium, rather Gail attributes Reiki to her spontaneous psychic opening that enabled Gail to speak with spirits on the other-side.

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Lecture Saturday 12pm room 1E

Gail shares her experiences with John of God, Filipino Psychic Surgeons, Ketut-Bali & other amazing healers. Gail’s an exceptional healer herself. Trained with Psychic Surgeons and shamans. She’ll demonstrate healing on audience volunteers. Many report miraculous healing/life changing experiences just from attending her events. Medical intuitive and medium, she will connect you directly to the energy of the enlightened beings that work through hers.



Special Events Saturday 4pm room 1F

 We create cords with anyone significant in our life. These can be good cords but they can also be negative. A difficult relationship of any nature is a sign of negative cords that have anchored and attached and can make you quite sick. Sometimes good cords can get strangled by negative black cords which cause distrust, jealously, fear and anger in our relationships. Sometimes cords are attached to old negative patterns which cause career problems and financial issues. Cords can hold us to our past and can even be rooted in past lives. Gail is a psychic medium who is able to not only see these cords but dissolve and remove them bringing healing in your relationships and release from the past. Discover cords that are holding you back. Releasing negative cords can cause impressive results. Learn cutting cord techniques healers can do on their clients or you can use on yourself and your loved ones. Gail will perform  cut ting cords for everyone. SIT IN THE FRONT ROW AND RECEIVE INDIVIDUAL CORD CUTTINGS ($30 EXTRA).


Sunday Oct. 15 – Workshop  6pm room 1E

Angels, guides, power animals & healing spirits. Learn to communicate, to invoke them & ask for assistance. Meet your main guides. Receive tools to communicate with them though objects and signals. Develop your psychic language, get yes/no answers and detailed direction. Travel to the underworld, meet your power animal, and invoke animal medicine for healing and readings. How to call in guides for specific task and the best way to contact guides for healing others. Gail is an exceptional medium/healer. At Gail’s demonstrations people report they were cured of cancer, diseases & received unexpected money! Trained with Filipino Psychic surgeons. Author; “Visiting John of God”, “30 Days to Prosperity”, “Talk to your Pets.” Star of series “Spiritual Journeys.” Many report spontaneous healings just from attending Gail’s events.

 Strange Universe Panel- Panel Sunday 10am room 1F

Judy Satori, Dannion Brinkley, Gail Thackray, Jill Dahne, Antoine Chevalier, David Young, Lori Spagna

Where are we going and where did we come from? What are the real reasons for the events that are happening on the planet right now.This is a panel you will not want to miss. This is probably the first time that these incredible, unique, intelligent experts have been in the same room together. So come early, hold on to your seats, and enjoy the show as you are going on a ride that you will never forget. Using their psychic abilities, their contacts with alien beings and remote viewing they will help you to change your channel as you begin to understand what is really going on.

Monday after Conference Workshop:

 Calculate Trauma Dates to Heal Yourself & Others 

 Learn to pin point actual dates when an energy block or karmic issue first started for you or your client. Sometimes issues start in our early childhood, sometimes we are not consciously aware of them and some actually start in past lives. These affect us for many lifetimes until we finally absorb the lesson and release the karma. Determining the starting point helps you to understand the origin and receive a permanent release. This workshop is for people already doing healing work as well as total beginners. You will learn to become a medical intuitive and read energy. Learn to feel and sense energy blocks and to read the messages that they hold for your client. Then learn to communicate with healing guides to determine when and how these blocks were first formed. You will be working with a pendulum time line grid and communication cards. For professional psychics and readers this is a tool that your clients will love. All attendees with receive an individual psychic opening attunement to become a medical intuitive and receive messages from spirit.


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