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  jog-with-rosePersonal Distance Healings From John of God 

I will be hand carrying personal petitions to present to John Of God. This involves taking a photograph of you with your information to present to John of God himself. The spirits will do the healing just as if you were there and I may need to stand in for a ‘surrogate surgery’ for you. I will try to email any information that I receive during this process. It is very rare that John of God gives a message or says something about your healing, if he does I will let you know. I try to get you the information about what spirit doctor actually prescribed your herbs but I don’t always know and it does not affect your healing. Some people feel when I am in Brazil and even know the exact time the spirits looked at your photo, others don’t really feel it. Don’t worry just have faith. When I return home I will mail you out your packages and any herbs or crystals I get for you.

Healing Package $150 Includes:

Personal petition with photo to John of God

Follow up on healing concerns

Book- Visiting John of God

DVD John of God Just A Man

$150 credit towards John of God trip to Brazil

Herbs or crystal add $45

– As soon as I receive your petition, I print your photo and put it in my John of God triangle at my home. This is why you may instantly feel a difference. The sooner your petition gets to me the better.

– I will present your personal petition to John of God ( this includes a photo and your written request for as many things as you like). Sometimes John of God may say that he wants me to come back later in which case I will take your photo with me to the current meditation rooms and then re-present your petition at another session. I will try to email you if I know what Entity is in session when you get your personal healing. However I don’t always know and John of God says it is not important. Still, if I have any information I will send it to you.Also if he gives you a message (this is very rare).

– If you are prescribed herbs I will get them for you and bring them back to the US with me and mail them to you. If you do not want herbs but would rather have a crystal I can bring you a crystal instead. Or you can get both if you want. If you order herbs and John Of God does not prescribe them you will receive a refund for the $45.

– If you are given a surrogate surgery, I will contact you for instructions and there is no additional charge for this (this is rare).

– My fee for the package is $150. The $45 is for the cost of herbs or crystal plus shipping & handling.

Pet Healing Package $40 includes:

Pet petition ( you can also get just the petition for $25 )

Follow up on healing concerns

Book- How to talk to Your Pets

Crystal add $45

Many of our pet’s issues are related to their owner. Therefore it is highly recommended that the person closest to the pet also do a healing. Often when the owner receives a healing the pet’s issue is resolved.

At the casa is a Saint Francis area where I like to take the pet petitions. John of God does not prescribe herbs for animals. However many people report miraculous results with their pets as animals are very receptive to healing energies.

For the personal distance healing package I will need from you the following:

( Please enter/upload info & photo at checkout or email to office@gailthackray.com )

A photograph. Please don’t send files over 500k. The quality is not that important. A full length or face shot is fine.

I will need some information: the person’s name, and date of birth and the address or place they will be sleeping while I am presenting it and the following days.

Describe if there is a specific physical, mental or spiritual issue or why the client wishes for a distance healing. This can be specific or general. We are going to print out from the email. The spirits know your issues you are just really giving permission for them to work on these things.

I will need an email and phone number in case I contact you while I am gone. Usually it will be done by email. In the rare case that John of God asks me to be a surrogate for you I will contact you first.

Some people feel it as soon as they send me the request. I put your request inside my triangle and make a prayer to the spirits in Brazil telling them you are coming. During the time I am in Brazil especially, try to spend as much time sleeping, meditating and taking it easy as possible.

Free Healing

If you want to be included in the free group healing, click here to join my Free Healing List or just submit your name and email tooffice@gailthackray.com (no photos please). I take all your names to the casa with me. The personal distance healing with the photo is for people who want an individual healing.

**Please note John Of God does not charge for the healing. The charge is for my package and I offer free group healing. Also you can send your requests directly to the Casa for free ( the Casa will not ship herbs). There are also many other guides that offer just herbs if you have received herbs before and are just interested in this service. I take a lot of time and care in the distance healings and find that my clients prefer more information and to be able to ask questions that may come up, for this reason I do not offer just herbs.




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