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My passion is helping people open up spiritually to connect to their inner self and align with Source. This happens differently for each person depending on what makes them “tick” and what resonates with them on a spiritual level.

Helping people to find their life purpose and get in sync with their own path is what I truly love. I believe it is our purpose here in this physical existence to experience love and joy. There is a whole spiritual world, a whole magical energy around us that we can tap into and that we can work with to manifest our perfect life. We all deserve the perfect job, the perfect relationship, love, and abundance in our lives.  ~Gail Thackray



New Life Expo with Gail Thackray

I love to take volunteers on stage and do demonstration healings and I am so looking forward to being at the NEWLIFE EXPO. I work off intuition and I am guided to see where people have
not only health problems, but also have blocks in their relationships and finances. I am seeing more and more psychic cords and attachments on clients. These really cause tremendous health
problems as well as emotional stress. The good news is it is just energy and very easily resolved. I often find “miraculous” results just from removing psychic cords.

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Gail on Fox & Friends NY,
After the Show 

Gail on Fox & Friends NY

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I even got main stream media finally believing , check

out this funny Fox News clip on Animal Communication!



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Welcome to My Blog