Do You Have Ghosts Attached to You?

  I am often asked what are Ghosts and are these different from cords and attachments? And how can we clear ourselves. I believe that when we die or pass over we are greeted by higher guides, angels and loved ones in spirit and they guide us through the tunnel to the other-side. However sometimes the soul doesn’t want to …

Samuel Fugitt
Do You Have Ghosts Attached to You?

Ambrosio Filipino Psychic Surgeon

We talked about the energy bodies. How his personal opinion from doing this work, is that there is a physical body and an invisible spiritual body. But then in between the physical and the spiritual bodies there is a something else. This “something else” is the area he needs to penetrate for the healing. “This might be the soul, I …

Samuel FugittAmbrosio Filipino Psychic Surgeon