Why You Should Go!

Join Gail Thackray The Experience of a Lifetime! Our NewLife 2014 Cruise to Enlightenment and Seminar-at-Sea takes place on the newly-renovated luxury cruise ship during our five-day cruise, in conference rooms on the ship, and during our port calls inthe Western Caribbean. Join us on a spectacular cruise and seminar-at-sea as we sail from Ft. Lauderdale to the magnificent sun-kissed …

Samuel Fugitt
Why You Should Go!

Chinese Year of the Horse

The Chinese New Year  – The Year Of The Horse – starts Jan 31st 2014 Author of  “How to Talk to Your Pets”  http://www.amazon.com/author/gailthackray This will be the year 4712 in the Chinese calendar and it begins with the first day of the year on our calendar January 31st 2014. The Chinese months follow the lunar cycles and each month begins …

Samuel Fugitt
Chinese Year of the Horse

Introducing a New Pet into the Home

Introducing a New Pet into the Home By Gail Thackray, Animal Communicator Problems Introducing a New Pet When any new animal is introduced into the home and the current occupant is not expecting a “new friend,” there can be problems. Many times it’s the existing pet who has the problem and this could be expressed as jealousy, fear, ripping up …

Samuel FugittIntroducing a New Pet into the Home

Animals Involved in Our Healing

Animals Involved in Our Healing By Gail Thackray Published in Alternative Medicine Magazine As I am sure you know, our pets bring us great health benefits. Just stroking and loving our pet is calming and reduces stress. In fact, therapy animals have become commonly used to help those who are ill, elderly, developmentally disabled, or dealing with other serious issues. …

Samuel FugittAnimals Involved in Our Healing

Tips on Communicating with Your Pet

Protection – Always protect yourself psychically; meditate and ask your guides to help you communicate. Photo – Use a photo for best results.  A connection is best created if the eyes of the animal are looking at you or are at least visible. Ask Permission – Ask permission to talk and approach gently. Imagine sending healing energy, love and the desire to communicate. Simple Questions …

Samuel FugittTips on Communicating with Your Pet

Meeting Your Animal Spirit Guide

I believe that we all have human spirit guides as well as animal guides. Our animal guide could be a wild animal, Native American Power Animal, or even a mythological creature. Sometimes they are domestic animals such as a dog or cat, or a pet of ours who has passed over. Often these animal guides will help us to connect …

Samuel FugittMeeting Your Animal Spirit Guide